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We are a consumer driven company.  Our charter and philosophy of doing business is based upon our desire to serve consumers just as we, as a consumer, would want and expect to be served. Our company is financially secure, value oriented and committed to integrity with an excellent reputation for an ethical business and consumer relations history.

The multimillion dollar sales of the quality Sasco® products to the many thousands of satisfied consumers since 1978 is a true and impressive testimonial of the quality Sasco® product line. Products that are formulated to meet the Sasco® strict specifications of using only the finest and highest quality ingredients available. Products manufactured under stringent procedures following government regulations and using state-of-the-art technology. The Sasco® products are good for the consumer because they work. 

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Consumers of the Sasco® products who purchase the Sasco® products do so with the peace of mind that all Sasco® products are backed by a satisfaction guarantee. Further the top quality products provide a great value for the consumer. Many of the products are concentrated for further value.

We at Sasco Products cordially invite you to join our great and diverse family of value minded distributors and consumers of the quality Sasco® products made in America and in distribution since 1978.

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Good Health Products from Sasco

Good health is, of course, very important and the cornerstone foundation for the happy, active lifestyles which give you and your entire family the ability to live life to its fullest. With this in mind, Sasco® products are designed and formulated to meet today’s multitude of health needs while preparing your body for what tomorrow might bring. Our quality health and nutrition products include natural and organic ingredients and are keenly focused on enhancing your health. Our aloe vera drinks with GRAS Certified  ActiveAloe®, dietary supplements, vitamins, minerals and herbs, plus our exclusive Sasco® Nutritional Advantage Program (S.N.A.P.) are all designed to naturally and effectively support your health from the inside — rejuvenating your immune system, increasing your energy, heightening your vitality and boosting your nutritional saturation to optimum levels for good health!

Just plain old “feeling good” is an understatement with all the natural goodness of Sasco® nutrition.

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Our commitment to quality, healthy and nutritional products made with quality ingredients is keenly focused on enhancing your health and well being. 

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