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Our Aloe Vera Products Are Made With The Only GRAS Certified Aloe Vera Available In The Market Today! So If You Want To Be Assured Of Getting Quality Aloe Vera, We Recommend Our Certified GRAS Aloe Vera.

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We appreciate you taking the time as you consider purchasing our quality Sasco® products. We know your time and money are valuable resources. That said, we believe you will find our Sasco® products – in distribution since 1978 – to be of the utmost quality. Additionally, our commitment to provide you with first class service is a passion of our dedicated staff. We sincerely believe when you experience our quality Sasco® products and our commitment to you that you too will want your family to join with the many thousands of other families who already are satisfied Sasco® customers.

Our founders and staff are pleased for you to consider our top quality products from our exclusive Sasco® product line. The Sasco® product line established in 1978 was one of the first to offer the truly remarkable properties of the aloe vera plant to the consuming public. You are encouraged to visit the following link www.aloecorp.com to learn about their FDA  GRAS Aloe Vera or contact us for information about the outstanding quality of the aloe vera we use in our aloe vera products and learn “What You should Know About The Quality Of Aloe Vera You Drink”.

Over the years, with a strict standard of using only top quality ingredients, our quality product line includes health and nutritional products; quality personal care products and environmentally safe and effective household cleaners.

We believe strongly in the importance of family and of each individual’s personal well being. Therefore, we take great pride with our exclusive Sasco® product line which has provided quality products to meet the needs of many thousands of individuals and families over the many years.

Our Company is committed to keeping our Sasco® product line abreast with the latest research and health care information. Our customers can purchase our Sasco® products with confidence backed by a full satisfaction guarantee.

We are dedicated to provide each of our customers the best in products and service. So give us a call or email – we are here to serve and help you.

While we hope you and your family will join our diverse family of Sasco® product consumers, we respectfully request that you and your family also consider joining us in our efforts to protect our great country’s most valuable resources: our children, our natural resources and our country’s precious freedom.